COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

A couple weeks ago, I posted an Instagram story asking my followers (mostly friends & family) what their main questions about the mRNA vaccine were. I got lots of great questions, and tried to synthesize answers to them in this series of Instagram story posts. Feel free to use if you’d like, but please give credit if you do use them 🙂 Big thanks to Dr. Ashley Malmlov for helping me review them prior to posting!

As a disclaimer, I am not a human physician and as such, I am not authorized to give medical advice. I am a veterinarian conducting research on COVID-19. If you have questions about when/how you will receive the vaccine, it is best to check the websites of (or call) your local public health department or doctor’s office. More helpful information can also be found at:

CDC: Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

NYT: Interactive guide to how mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines work

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