Job boards & other opportunity buckets

Note: These are not curated/maintained by me. This is merely a list of lists : )

General Science job boards

jobRxiv: Free job posting board by scientists for scientists.

ScienceCareers: Job board put out by the journal Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

job boards focused on Ecology & Conservation

Conservation Job Board: Career website in conservation, ecology, forestry, wildlife, and fisheries (can filter based on category, including “wildlife”, “ecology”, etc.)

Ecological Society of America’s Career Center: Job board containing more academic-focused postings

Ecological Society of America’s Job Boards site: especially helpful for students and those seeking internships and educational opportunities, though there are links to several job boards featuring positions targeting mid- and late-career researchers as well

NatureTech: “The climate jobs platform showcasing the companies tackling the biodiversity crisis”

Society for Ecological Restoration: Career center for SER (international organization working on the science, practice, and policy of ecological restoration)

Texas A&M Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board: One of the best job boards for folks interested in wildlife (IMHO); faculty, fellowships, full-time, seasonal, internships, grants, training, etc.

job boards focused on Infectious disease & public health

American Public Health Association’s Professional Development page: Contains over 50K job postings (!!!), in addition to CE opportunities, internships, and fellowships.

Council for State and Territorial Epidemiologists: Aspiring public health practitioners & applied epidemiologists, look no further. Many postings here in state & local health departments.

“Epi Job Openings” Twitter Account: Fantastic resource/hub compiling job opportunities in epidemiology and public health

IDDJobs: PhD & post-doctoral fellowships, faculty positions, and other opportunities in the fields of “transmission modelling, phylogenetics, pathogen ecology, epidemiology, and any topic broadly aligned with infectious disease dynamics”

Public Health Jobs: a job board managed by the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health

Society for Epidemiologic Research: In addition to infectious disease positions, these postings cover openings in all epidemiologic sub-disciplines, including chronic disease, injury prevention, environmental health, etc.

Helpful planning tools

Individualized Development Plan (IDP): An IDP is a helpful way to visualize your goals and keep track of your own progress, both personally and professionally. Science Careers runs a really nice website you can use to manage yours, though there are numerous templates available online.

Mentoring Agreement/Contract: This has many different names, but the idea remains the same. Creating a document with your mentor early on in your relationship provides you something to re-visit together when you meet to discuss updates and progress. There are many flavors of this available, but I’ve linked to a few good templates below. It can also be helpful to map out your network of mentors.

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